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Heavenly Citizenship - August 2017

The Knott's August Update

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Heavenly Citizenship


It has now been a full 12 months since we arrived back in Bolivia. I never dreamed that we would be here this long without visiting the States, but looking back, God's timing is apparent in everything!

Back in March, we started investigating how to renew our residency visas that would expire in May. Little Hadassah was a newborn and to be honest, visas and paperwork were not on my mind. Thankfully, DJ was on it! He learned that with a Bolivian-born daughter we could apply for dual citizenship. I was nervous that it would take a long time but it would allow DJ to transfer his pilot's licenses, allow us to come and go from Bolivia as needed and we read that the process only took 12 days!…So we dove in headlong.

(Side note: The pictures accompanying this update were taken by DJ when he joined Pastor Crecencio on a day trip to his birthplace in the Altiplano.)

Step 1: Fulfill Citizenship Requirements (March-June)

The first step was to legalize our birth certificates in the US. I could tell you all about the frustrating process and all the tears I shed over one delay after another. Instead, I'll leave it at this: God helped me develop more patience, better understand grace – the importance of giving others the grace that He gives us, and trust more fully in His plan - that He indeed does work everything out for good in His perfect timing.

Meanwhile in Bolivia…

The week before our papers arrived from the US we had to re-do various requirements as their 90-day validity period had just expired. This meant many more early mornings and long lines but we were thankful to "get through." When we finally picked up our legalized birth certificates at the DHL office we were "only" six weeks past the expiration date on our residency visas. The next day we went to immigration, passed the history exam, paid the fines and fees, turned everything in and went home rejoicing! We were legal once again in Bolivia!

Step 2: Naturalization / Citizenship (July)

Twelve days later, when the process was supposed to be completed, we received a phone call.  "Please pass by immigration as there have been some "observations" in your paperwork." I discovered that I had to get a sworn statement from the U.S. Embassy in La Paz. In Latin countries, marriage does not often result in a last name change, thus the extra rigmarole because I changed mine. We heard horror stories of this observation causing six-month delays. Nevertheless, I got a statement written, scheduled an appointment at the Embassy and Hadassah and I headed to La Paz the next day. The statement was accepted at immigration and we knew that God had done it again!

The next several weeks, one of us checked in every few days at immigration to see if the papers had come through. This meant walk down the hill 5 blocks, wait for the bus, ride it for 15 minutes, walk 3 blocks to immigration, get a "ficha" (number), wait in line, only to have the attendant tell us the papers weren't finished. We know almost everyone in immigration now…by first name.

Step 3: Paperwork for Bolivian Birth Certificate (August)

At long last, we got our passports back with naturalization stickers inside: Praise the Lord! We were a little disappointed to find that another round of certifications and more waiting was required. When I applied for these, I watched God do a day's worth of line-sitting and processing in just two hours! The nice lady at the ticket counter kept bumping my number up in line and all the attendants at both the bank and immigration were very thoughtful and kind despite a fussy baby.

Step 4: Bolivian Birth Certificate (August)

Late one afternoon, Immigration finally returned the last papers. We rushed to a lawyer to write up some documents and jumped in a taxi that took us downtown to the notary district. As night fell, we hurried past one closed notary office after another. Finally, we found the LAST open notary and got a power of attorney so DJ could represent me in La Paz.

The next morning, DJ was in La Paz. His first stop was Immigration where he was told that it would take 3 days minimum to get the necessary photocopies from Archives. He persisted and the next official told him 24 hours. Finally, an official looked at his information and told him to come back at noon. Greatly relieved, he decided to locate the Civil Registry office while he was waiting. The officers there offered to review our documents and told him that we had everything we needed to get the birth certificates he had come for! No waiting for Immigration! Thanks prayer team for praying!

There was only one hurdle left. We had been told that if I wanted to use my current legal name, I would have problems because it didn't match my birth certificate. DJ was expecting trouble, but the officer didn't even ask questions. Another miracle!

Step 5: ID Card & Passports (September)

We should be able to complete these last two pieces sometime later this week. The anticipation is high because finishing these means we can buy tickets and head back to the States as dual citizens, to pick up the airplane!
Our little Bolivian girl celebrating Independence Day (5 months).


This drawn-out process has been an excellent reminder of the spiritual journey we are all on. While my previously stifled excitement of finally going home is now on the threshold ready for takeoff, God is reminding me that I should be even more excited for heaven. We need to be just as vigilant, faithful and believing about heaven as we have been with the Bolivian citizenship process. God promises to complete the good work that He has started in us. "For our [true] citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ…" (Philippians 3:20). More than a trip to the States or even our citizenship in any country, we look forward to seeing our Savior on that bright and glorious day. Say yes to the Holy Spirit's leading in your life today and join us on the journey to our heavenly home, ok?!

DJ, Jodi & Hadassah
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