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Dreams Really Do Come True

DJ & Jodi's December Update
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Dreams Really Do Come True!


You know that feeling when you walk into a surprise event and realize people were thinking of you and planning things out since who knows when? That pretty much sums up our experiences in the last month. Everywhere we've gone there has been evidence of Someone behind the scenes.

We picked up our first lead in October at the regional church campmeeting in Cajuata.

A month later, Brother Poma took Manny and I to Huara, a village that is not road-less but bridgeless and is isolated 3 months a year by a large river. We held a health clinic there checking vitals, giving physical and spiritual health counsel and treating what we could. The community was excited and asked us to not only come back during rainy season when the river is impassable, but offered packhorses for the 5 hour hike in from the nearest bridge. Best of all, there was talk of starting a church. Even though this village wasn't exactly what we had in mind, we deemed it a success to be followed up later.

Manny, RN treating and counseling people in Huara. DJ and a local near Marca Tigre. Manny crossing a pass in the fog at 13,000 ft.
Since we had exhausted Brother Poma's local knowledge of remote communities, we headed back to Cajuata to see if the church members there could help us. After a flurry of events that seemed divinely coordinated, and nearly two days of hiking, Manny and I entered the village of Marca Tigre. To our surprise we received an alarmingly cold reception from the suspicious villagers and found that, of all things, there was road access to this village. We were crushed and quickly fell prey to doubts, fears and frustration. Just at our lowest point, while sitting in a dark hut waiting to hear our fate, a man stuck his head in the door. Being from a different village and having attended an Adventist school as a child, Plas, unlike the others, believed our story and wanted medical and spiritual help for his village of Choro Grande. We grabbed the spark of hope and had our next lead. This time we made him promise… no roads.

Manny and Doctor Alex buying medications and supplies at the pharmacy.
Alex and Plas' family.
A prime landing zone! Always on the lookout.
Two weeks later and much better equipped, we were driving into the mountains again with the goal of reaching Choro Grande, incidentally on the same road that goes to Marca Tigre. After the map ran out, God kept us going on diving appointments until we ended up at the trailhead, albeit a day late! A message was sent on foot and the next day Plas showed up with his horse. He had made the 8 hour round trip in vain two days before to pick us up.

Hiking in to Choro Grande: Plas, Doctor Armando, Doctor Alex, and Manny.

On the trail to Umamarca: DJ and Grover, Plas' son.
That afternoon hiking over the hills into Choro Grande, the pieces started falling together. Thinking back I realized that none of this would have been possible without the "mistake" of hiking into Marca Tigre where we had met Plas. Little had we known that due to mining tensions you have to know someone to be allowed past the road checkpoint on the way into Marca Tigre. I couldn't help but reflect on how God works in ways that are often mysterious to us. He is in the business of making dreams come true. It reminded me of a line from a favorite book, "God never leads His children otherwise than they would choose to be led, if they could see the end from the beginning" (The Desire of Ages p. 224).

- DJ

Enjoying a pit roast with Plas' family and learning to put a bold face on while eating sheep meat. After days of eating only potatoes we decided this was truly the healthiest choice.

DJ, Manny, and the two Bolivian doctors visited not only Plas' village but two other road-less communities as well on that trip, treating about 30 people. We are excited to continue serving these people in the new year. We now know of at least 10 road-less communities in this area that we have yet to enter!

Choro Grande is located on the ridge to the left. Viscachani is on the right side of the river valley and Umamarca is on the other side of the pass on the horizon. 
Thanks for lifting us up in prayer and for supporting us and the mission work in the highlands of Bolivia.
God bless!

DJ & Jodi
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Thanksgiving Dinner on the Isla del Sol.

Our team decided to take a few days and visit Copacabana and the Isla del Sol over Thanksgiving. We all had a great time and came back with sunburns to prove it!
Samson in the yard where we found him.

We had a little scuffle with Samson last week. On a trip to the market, Samson was stolen. God was merciful, though, and we were able to find the vehicle. The whole rest of the week was spent in the Police Station trying to get the vehicle back. Although we lost at least $1,000 worth of tools and things from inside the vehicle, we are more than grateful that Sammy is now sitting in the front yard again!
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