Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Introducing ... Sunny Samson!

Prayers, promises and praises! Come meet our newest team member!
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Introducing Sunny Samson!

It is with great joy that we present Sunny Samson, the project's "new" 1974 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser! This yellow jeep has been a bright spot for us over the last couple weeks. We've seen God's hand leading through the whole process, from inspiring supporters to contribute to the vehicle fund all the way to choosing this very vehicle.

As the vehicle fund grew, so did our efforts to find one. Several seemingly good vehicles passed beyond our reach for one reason or another. We went to look at Samson for purely educational purposes as we were looking for a bigger and newer Land Cruiser. It's rust-free condition and complete paperwork were a pleasant surprise, however.

We continued our search by internet, newspaper, and trips to used car markets in La Paz and Cochabamba with no definite results. God seemed to have a different plan. We began to pray more fervently for the vehicle of God's choosing. DJ got up early one Sunday morning and spent a good deal of time in prayer. By mid-morning, he told me that he felt impressed that God had chosen the little yellow Land Cruiser we'd seen a week before. Also, he felt that although the owners were asking $7,200 for the vehicle, that he should only pay $6,000. That afternoon, DJ went with a friend to take a closer look at the jeep. After test-driving it, he made his offer of $6,000. Amazingly, the owners accepted it!

On his way back home, he looked out over the canyon bowl and there, over the South Zone of the city, was a huge double rainbow! God would work this out!

It took the rest of the week to get everything straightened out for the sale, but by the time we had finished the transaction, we had made some new friends. The owner's wife and their three kids are coming to our weekly small group Bible study!

Sunny Samson, as he's become to us, now lives happily in his little spot in the courtyard in front of our apartment, basking in the sunshine and getting a little TLC. We named him Samson after the faithful mule that carried Adventist missionary Fernando Stahl all over these highlands in the early pioneer days.

Being over 40 years old, Samson has some things that need attention before we head out to the mountains. Since we found the vehicle at a lower price than we anticipated, the money that remained in the vehicle fund after the purchase should help us make the repairs and upgrades that Samson needs.

So the work has already begun! DJ has asked for some advice on a Land Cruiser forum and has met many helpful, generous people. Several have offered to donate parts and tools that we would have otherwise had to buy. DJ has also been able to find many parts here in La Paz for reasonable prices. We look forward to having a friend come down in a month to bring more parts and tools and help us get Samson ready for quests to the remote regions of western Bolivia.

We praise God for Sunny Samson and thank Him for all the soul-saving work that He has planned for the yellow jeep and for us!

- DJ & Jodi Knott -
Vehicle Fund, total raised: $8,830
Calculated expenses: $9,500
STILL NEEDED to finish Vehicle Campaign: $670

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