Friday, February 20, 2015

It's February in Bolivia!

DJ & Jodi's Bolivia Highlands Mission Update
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High Summer in Bolivia!

Red and yellow quinoa and purple potato blossoms line the country roadsides shining their welcome. Bolivia, at last!

In January 2011 we packed our bags and arrived in Bolivia with big dreams of being missionaries to the highlands of Bolivia. For the next four years, God asked us to be mobile missionaries, helping mission aviation projects in lowland Bolivia, Guyana and the U.S. We did our best to serve the Lord in each location He placed us. Though confident in God's leading at each step, the desire to serve the people in the Bolivia highlands "someday" remained.

Last month we packed our suitcases once again, excited to finally be "moving" to the highlands of Bolivia. We wouldn't trade the waiting period for anything, though, because God used it to grow our characters in many ways. It has also made us even more focused. Though challenges and trials are around every corner, we praise God because He has promised to go before us, working things out for the accomplishment of His purposes.

The joy that comes with having finally arrived in the highlands is inspiring. It does seem to lack something, though, and I believe it is because this is not our final home. Heaven is where we truly want to be. We're all simply on a journey. I ask you, and myself, are we doing everything we can now to help others know Jesus? Friends, we only have a few short years on this earth. There is no time to lose. Once we get to Heaven, the work will be over. Please pray with us that we will take every opportunity to grow and share our faith.

Vehicle Campaign Update:

We have decided to focus our efforts and go for the Land Cruiser first. We are currently searching the ads in the paper and on the internet for vehicles for sale.
Here is a picture of one that we have been interested in. It is a 1980 FJ55, also known as the "Iron Pig" = old, simple, rugged, and ugly :) Just what we need!

Received: $4,400 of $12,000     Thank You!!!

If you'd like to help out in a small or large way with this project, thanks!
Please follow our donation information at the bottom of this page and include a line stating "Vehicle Fund" with your donation.

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Here are a few photos that we've shared on Instagram and Facebook this month. We will try to take more pictures, however our phone was pick-pocketed last week and we hadn't downloaded the recent pictures. We hope that these will be a blessing anyway :). And thank you to those few, special people who offered to give us their phones as a replacement for our thefted one!

A lovely, kind-hearted family donated their well-loved Chevy Astro in December. God orchestrated a quick fix-up and sale with the proceeds kick starting our vehicle fund in Bolivia!
The C-182J AND the Turbo 182 (both in Bolivia) are now approved for bigger tires! This is an important safety improvement for flying in and out of semi-rough strips.
DJ and I went with Todd Anderson (AMA Guyana) to look at a C-182P for sale in December. Pic: Compression Test.
In February, Todd flew home GMI's first C-182P!!! He is now working on the repairs and bush modifications for jungle flying in Guyana. Pictured: Todd, Cas, Millie & Sam Anderson with N9113M. Our prayers for airplanes are finally being answered!
DJ and Todd Anderson pack up the front end of the Cessna 172 donated a year and a half ago. We have been so, so blessed by every part that we have been able to sell, proceeds going to further the mission projects!
The last pieces parted out, DJ finally loaded up the C-172 fuselage and we took it to our friends at Junkyard Mafia.
After over a year of contact, the owner of this airplane decided to donate the engine of this Piper Cherokee. By the end of the same week, we not only had the engine but also the whole plane sitting in the shop in Collegedale! Praise God for generous people and those who advocate for us!
We arrived in La Paz, Bolivia February 3. We had no problems in transit and came through immigration and customs without a flinch! AND we didn't even have to pay the $120 baggage fee!
Beautiful crops of red and yellow quinoa line the country roadsides, a sure indication of high summer.
Two days after arriving in Bolivia, we took a trip to Santa Cruz (20+ hrs. on minibuses each way). It's so green in the lowlands! And hot! We were looking forward to returning to the highlands the whole time :D But happy to see good friends, nonetheless!
We have also been apartment hunting while living out of a hostel. Thankfully we have a kitchen at the hostel! There are several leads on apartments, and we are praying for divine guidance as to which one to choose.
Now we're on to paperwork here in La Paz, working on the 20ish requirements for a 1 year residency visa.

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