Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful or Just Full?

November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful time it is to stop and think of what God has done this year.  Have you counted your blessings yet?

Six weeks in Tennessee now, and what a nice reprieve it's been after the harried travels of the previous few months. We’re anxious to get back to Bolivia, but we honestly have no answer to the question of when. Waiting on the Lord is something we get to keep practicing!

Here in Tennessee, driving between our little camper and the airport in various sets of borrowed wheels, we’ve kept ourselves busy. For a while now, God has placed a burden on our hearts to share more of what we are doing, more frequently and consistently. So we've taken the plunge into social media. We now have a facebook page (AMA - Bolivia Highlands) which we will be sharing with the Enos, a family joining us sometime next year. The convenience of Instagram has also been a plus, and you’re welcome to follow us there (jodi_dj_knott). Additionally, we are recommitting to sending out monthly updates monthly and prayer updates weekly. Thanks to the help of MailChimp, you’ll be able to decide which of these you’d like to receive and not receive.

Behind the scenes of social media, Jodi has been working on two fairly time-consuming projects: editing the next edition of the AMA newsletter and coordinating work on the AMA website. We’re hoping that these bear fruit before the end of 2014! DJ has been busy on the aviation front. He’s been selling old parts from around the shop in order to pay for the parts needed to convert the two Cessna 182s in Bolivia to heavy duty landing gear. He’s also worked on the paperwork to submit field approvals for those conversions and has written proposals in hopes that some of the parts might be donated. On the side, DJ has pursued several airplane donations [both a Cessna 182P for the Guyana project and several “flat-tire” (neglected) airplanes that could be parted out and sold, as happened with the non-repairable C172 that was donated to our project just over a year ago (bringing in over $10K!)].

We are so thankful for the ways that God leads us every day, teaching us to focus less on self and more on Christ. Our prayer for you this Thanksgiving is that you will see all the ways God has worked in your life and continue to walk daily in His will.

DJ & Jodi Knott

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