Friday, October 10, 2014

MAF Training, Nampa ID

Here are just a few photos from DJ's last few days in class :). He took a week of ground school (classroom training) which was excellent, followed by two and a half weeks of flight lessons. First, DJ and his instructor worked the airstrips close by learning the skills needed to be safe in the backcountry. I was really excited to be able to sit in the back seat for the last three days DJ flew with the instructor...thus the photos :)

We counted about a dozen wild horses out here!
Taking off downhill at Mustang
Landing uphill at Mustang
Mustang, again
Ouwahee Bend; Sunday Trip
Ouwahee Bend from the air
Taking off at Ouwahee Bend
Practicing techniques with Paul Jones, MAG Nicaragua,
a classmate of DJ's
Runway Evaluation
Taking off at Deadwood
Taking off at Deadwood
Briefing airstrip emergency and abort options
Early morning at Wilson Bar
Turn out or approach down the river
Wilson Bar
Taking off at Wilson Bar
Approach at Whitewater, looks high eh?
Looks are deceiving with sloped runways!
Allison Ranch
Allison Ranch
Taking off at Allison Ranch
Yellow Jacket Ranch
Taking off at YJR
And that concludes my back seat adventures in the Idaho backcountry! Thanks for tuning in :)

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