Monday, July 7, 2014

God's miraculous timing and His sure providence

I just wanted to share an email correspondence that I had with a dear South African missionary friend a few weeks ago as an encouragement and as a testament of God’s providence and care for His children.

I had been impressed to write to Soné (Sue-nay) one morning, and when I opened up my inbox there was a short message from her. This was my reply…

Hi Soné,

I was just thinking of writing you too! What a coincidence. It was so very nice to see you and your family before you left for Grenada. Maybe one of these days we'll be in the same place for a longer time. Your friendship and warm welcome made the transition back to Bolivia again so much smoother and happier. Thank you many times over!

How are things going for you there? I wanted to email you and encourage you about the cost of food. I know that sounds funny, but I've seen it happen many times when people leave Bolivia (including us) and find the food prices far out of their budgets. But, the lesson we learned in Guyana was that God cares very much about what we need to be healthy and able to serve Him well. Therefore, He wants to and will provide for us.

We were not eating many fruits and vegetables in Guyana for several months because of their limited availability and high cost. Finally, when I was almost in tears, DJ and I decided to spend more money so that we could be happy with what we were eating and prayed that God would provide. And He did provide. When we started spending more money on food, we had more money to spend. In fact, when we moved from Georgetown to the Bethany village and were eating with the school, a similar thing happened and there wasn't enough money in the school's food budget for many fruits and vegetables. We prayed for extra money to help supplement the fruits and vegetables and God provided it. We just spent the money we needed to and always had enough for the other expenses we had. But it kept us on our knees asking for daily bread. It is such a blessing to have inexpensive food here in Bolivia, but please remember and be encouraged that God wants to keep you healthy and happy in Grenada too!


(note: Grenada food costs are at least double US prices and quadruple Bolivian prices…)
And Soné’s reply…

Hi Jodi,

I feel the Holy Spirit worked in a mighty way! The e-mail you sent me was so encouraging, when you mentioned that you wanted to encourage me with the food.

We have not been eating many veggies and fruits since we have been here, due to just not having enough money, and we were thinking and praying about this problem when we received this e-mail of yours. That was like a confirmation from God that we need to buy more veggies and fruit and as you say, to trust that God will provide.

Well, we went to buy some food on Friday, having in mind that we were going to spend extra on more fruit and vegetables. It was a wonderful feeling to buy all the delicious fresh things, and trusting and knowing God will provide. When we got home, someone handed us an envelope. It had more money in it than what we spent on food for the day!

We serve such an awesome God! May we continue to grow and serve our wonderful savior!
from Soné and family

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