Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Winter & Spring Update

Dear Friends,

For nearly two years now we've been in Tennessee working on airplanes, other vehicles and much more. It is with mixed feelings that we look now at the almost empty hangar: gratitude that almost a dozen planes have come and gone, but sadness that there are no new mission planes waiting for a "bush outfitting" job. We have dedicated much time and prayer to acquiring more airplanes, but the time has not yet come. We trust that God will provide when they are most needed and we continue praying for those planes.

In all our interactions with airplane owners, God is teaching us that we need to be more interested in the person than the plane. When Jesus was here on this earth, His interactions with the people were conducted with their eternal salvation in mind. The Holy Spirit impresses us daily that we need to work with that same eternal focus. As we are willing, He gives us opportunities. Stay tuned for updates on how God is working in those opportunities!

Since pictures are worth more than words, I'll let the words be few and the pictures be many. Yes, spring is here after a long winter! The cooler spring has let the blossoming trees stay beautiful much longer than usual. May the joy of spring kindle new life in many hearts as well as in the nature all around.

Keep updated for new news! It looks like we will be heading south soon!

DJ and Jodi

Below you'll find pictures of:
A beautiful winter snow "storm"
Our new neighbor cows
The battle of sealing the Mooney tanks
Our trip ferrying the Mooney cross country to a buyer in California
A visit with Bryan Glass to the Just Aircraft factory in NC to see the Super STOL
Putting on bigger tires on the 182Q
Finishing the annual on the 182Q!!! YAY, albeit late in the evening like many long-term projects!
Parting out the Cessna 172 that was donated last fall
Beautiful fields of daffodils
And, last but not least, our new favorite dessert: Chocolate Almond Banana Smoothie =P

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