Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Have you ever asked God to use you to bring someone into a relationship with Him? Has God ever asked you? Several months ago, DJ and I felt impressed to ask God to use us to do just that. And wow, did He ever keep to His part of the deal! Here's how it went...

This past fall, DJ and I were asked to participate in an evangelistic series at our local church. Our part was simple - to be "table leaders" for a specific table each night of the series, leading discussion questions and getting to know the guests at our table. We agreed, though neither DJ nor I was very excited about it at first because we dislike "beastly preaching." However, this turned out to be the most beautiful evangelistic series we'd ever heard. For five weeks in Oct/Nov we attended every meeting, listening to the speaker, Greg Wilson, place and keep Jesus at the center of every message. It was so beautiful because Jesus, in character and life, is so beautiful and so full of love.

Jodi, DJ, LJ, Louise, Marshene, Orlando
Let me give you a little background. The SALT students (taking a Bible worker training program hosted by Southern & It Is Written) went around knocking on doors in the community around the church for several weeks before the series started. When L.J. and Orlando, the two students at our table, knocked on one door, they met Marshene. She later told us, "It was a miracle I let those boys in because I usually don't let anybody in." But God was knocking on the door of her heart, and she was ready to let Him in. Down the street several houses, the guys knocked on Louise's door. At first she was uninterested, but the guys pressed for a few more minutes of conversation. Louise's next comment was "What church are you with anyway?" Later, she told us that if the guys had been with any church other than the Adventist church, that she would have told them to go away. But after the guys gently told her that they were Adventists, Louise shared that she had been studying with a couple of Adventists for several years and was interested in joining that church! She had also moved residences during the past few years and was amazed at how God led people to knock on her door a second time in a whole new location!

I am reminded that God is at work now, today, preparing soil that He hopes YOU will plant in. We are responsible to scatter the seed, which is the Word of God, and He promises the Holy Spirit which makes the plants grow!

Our table showed evidence of how God had specially placed each person there. We had a few guests come on various nights, but Louise and Marshene came faithfully, despite all the devil's roadblocks. From falls resulting in cracked hip bones and black eyes to several trips to the emergency room, it was clear to me that the devil and his angels were working very hard to keep these ladies from coming!

After the series concluded, Louise and Marshene were baptized along with several others who have been studying over the past year. It is exciting to be a part of their journey and commitment to a life-long relationship with Jesus.

We are continuing to study with these ladies weekly, learning more about the Bible and exploring what it means to be a true follower of Jesus. Marshene would like to start bringing her granddaughter to Sabbath School and has a neighbor who may be open to learning about the truth. Louise has shared a Bible with a friend in California and often participates in online Bible studies with several friends. Louise's son has seen a change in her recently and has shown more interest in spiritual things. Please pray for our new church members and all of these special people who are within their spheres of influence.

We encourage you to pray that God will use YOU to bring someone into a saving relationship with Jesus this year. When you do, prepare for an answer to your prayer!

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