Sunday, December 15, 2013

SunnyBrook - Home, sweet, pilgrim home

Since we were into the "fix an auction car" mode, we thought that we could do the same with a 5th wheel trailer :D.
This is right after we picked it up and drove it home from the lot. Looks pretty good outside, right?
A little more rough on the inside though :/
There was a significant amount of water damage...more than we realized when we bought it at the auction!
Inside "before"
Water damage in the ceiling at the back of the trailer.
We took the trailer, and Josh Wade, the student missionary helping out at the shop for a couple months, to Heritage Academy for the process of making lemonade from this bit of lemon.
We went there for the convenience of a roof over our heads and the expert advice from the Suttons (Rich/Pam & Jason) along the way.

The "work in progress" mess. We actually didn't do much to the middle section of the trailer - just the front bedroom and the back section.
This is the roof "in progress." The vent covers are off, the front is plywood is off and exposed, and the a/c unit is hanging from the barn roof.
The bedroom. The beginning of the "gutting out" adventure.

Taking inventory at the rear of the trailer...
Deciding that it all needs to come off.
Including the outside piece on this side!
The bedroom was completely gutted out: walls, ceilings, floor. Every nail pulled and staple removed.
There was great joy in the camp when we decided we had pulled out enough and that it was time to build up once again.
Outside wall back on
Inside walls painted (Jodi & Pam) and stuck back together (DJ & Josh).
Rich helped DJ get started putting down a new roof rubber.
The bedroom finally finished!
The bathroom/shower with a cool double duty door.
As a final step, we re-carpeted the trailer.
Not quite finished, but live-able :D

We are living on a lot where a tornado took out the house a few years ago. In the foreground you can see our efforts to find the old septic tank. In the background, DJ fills a bucket at the hand pump that we put in. Our power hookup is there also by the meter box.
Home, sweet, pilgrim home
On a crisp, sunny morning

(borrowed from the old hymn...)
We are pilgrims, and we are strangers;
We can tarry here but a night.
...For we are going
to where the fountains are ever flowing.
...There the glory is ever shining
for our Redeemer is its light!
Our hearts are longing
for that city to which we journey:
Our heavenly SunnyBrook.

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