Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our FIRST Airplane Donation!

Fall 2013
One afternoon several months ago, we received a phone call from a pilot who saw an info flyer/brochure of ours that we left at the Chilhowee gliderport where DJ often flies the tow planes. He said that he knew of a certain airplane that wouldn't fly anymore, but that was in need of being moved off of an airport and hoped to be able to help get it donated if we had any interest. DJ and I went down several weeks later to look at the airplane.
We figured we could sell a few parts off of the plane and make it worth the while of getting it, as well as helping out  both the country airport (to look nicer) and the donor (to get a tax-deduction).
A few weeks later we got a group together and went to pick it up :D.
We had quite the crew: Rich & Pam Sutton, Dr. Opicka and his wife, Josh Wade, Kyle Kennedy, and us two Knotts

Rich begins deconstruction on the tail feathers.

Josh, a student missionary from Andrews, and Kyle work on removing the flaps.

Removing the wing

Dr. Opicka faithfully filling the flat front tire.

Puzzling over how to load it onto the trailer.

Sometimes, when you're NOT in a 3rd world country, it's a lot harder to load airplanes onto trailers because you don't have the equipment to make it easy like they do in third world countries... click on Bolivia 1 and Bolivia 2 to see how they do it there in a much more sophisticated way! No tail removal necessary because there are no vehicle width limits!

Notice the wheels...they fit ok on the plywood, but keep watching...
A little to the left. Stop! A little to the right. Slowly!
All loaded up and ready for the trip home. We only got lost once on the way home, ending up at a road block (in Georgia, not Bolivia!!), and having to turn a tight radius around with a ditch on one side of the road and a corn field on the other! Thankfully we made it home safe and sound, albeit a bit late at night!

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