Sunday, December 15, 2013

Acting "salesman"

In an earlier post we mentioned that we had plenty of work to keep us busy in Collegedale. True to our word, we've been so busy that things like this blog have been neglected. So sorry!!! Here's a little glimpse of the work that went on around here this past summer and early fall.

June 28 this lovely little airplane flew South to Florida with its happy new owners. This plane served well as a flight trainer when GMI was operating a flight training school, but since that school is no longer running, we're selling what we are not using and pursuing other more effective planes.
Next up was the 172...
The seat cushions BEFORE

The carpet BEFORE

AFTER: In addition to some exterior paint touch-ups that this 172 received (see earlier blog), it got a new interior make-over! Pictured here are the new seat covers that we put on. In the background, you can see the side panels that we painted with fabric dye to match the seats.
The baggage compartment shows some repainted plastic pieces and a new carpet.
We removed, re-painted, and re-installed all the head-liner plastics to sharpen up the plane.
Finally the airplane was ready for sale! By the grace of God, we had a buyer within 24 hours of posting it online and it was gone from our hangar in less than a week. This plane left August 25.
We needed to sell this plane, because it is a Cessna 172 and we are moving towards a standardized fleet of Cessna 182s (P-model).
This '56 model Cessna 182 left Collegedale with a happy buyer August 12. We didn't do much with this plane, but its "care-taker," Chris Jordan, did a bit of carpet work and some various fix-its before it was sold.
Again, for the purpose of standardizing the GMI fleet...
October 1 was just around the corner with the Aerostar annual due and God worked out a series of events that led to the sale of this airplane on the last day of September.

In addition to airplanes, we have been quite involved with helping the GMI headquarters/office get a different "fleet" of vehicles. Their vehicles were quite run-down and in need of much repair. Instead of constantly fixing them, we proposed a plan that would get them better cars.
Here is one of their cars that we sold.
Here is another car of theirs that we sold. The cash from this car enabled the purchase of two auction vehicles.
Rich & Pam Sutton worked on these two vehicles with the students at Heritage Academy, resulting in a double blessing: to the students at HA (as they learned from excellent mechanics) and to the headquarters here (as they have two fully functioning cars instead of just one and a couple "half-functioning" cars).

'05 Dodge Caravan
'03 Ford focus wagon

A year ago, we sold two scooters that had been donated to the flight school here in Collegedale. Since the flight school closed a couple years ago, there was little use for the scooters. In talking with the other pilots/mechanics, we all decided that it would be best to invest a little more money and replace them with an "airport" car for missionaries to use while in the States. So Rich found an auction car, bought it and got it driveable in May/June.

- after Rich/Pam fixed it to a road-worthy state -
As the summer progressed, we kept looking for a station wagon, which is what we originally wanted. In Sept./Oct. we found a wagon and Rich bought it and worked on it at Heritage Academy along with the 2 headquarters vehicles. We recently fixed some cosmetic damage on the first car (blue sedan) and it sold last week.
: D
Our "new" red wagon ;D
Ah, finally a standardized "fleet" of ford focus wagons!

Now for the standardized fleet of airplanes...

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