Monday, August 19, 2013

Stepping into the water

There are many instances in the Bible where God asks His people to 'step into the water.' I think, particularly of the times when God led His people across the Jordan River. The water didn't stop flowing until someone stepped into the water.

For several months now, when DJ and I talk to God about the need for good airplanes in the mission field and ask Him to send more, He has placed on our hearts the need to take a particular step - a step into the water. We have been working toward this step for about two months now, and this week the first results can finally be seen! Today 2,300 brightly colored, glossy sided flyers were mailed to Cessna 182 (P model) owners. 

As we take this step out into the water, we ask that you join us in prayer, specifically for the airplane owners - that as they receive the flyers, they will be willing to give their planes to the missionary work, enabling many people to receive help for their sick bodies and bruised hearts.

We have done our small part. Really, it is small when compared to what the Lord can do. Now it is time to ask in prayer for the Lord's blessing and watch the Holy Spirit at work. We'll keep you updated as things progress!

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