Friday, June 14, 2013

Get Ready, Get Set....Clean Up!

The hot tarmac at Ogle International Airport in Georgetown, the tall grass on the side of the Paruima village airstrip, the sandy floor in the “hangar” at Bethany, the equatorial sun beating down relentlessly all day. If only the airplanes didn’t need so much maintenance...

The scramble to order a part and ship it to the next person flying South, the stab of the shipping cost if no one is coming down soon, the countless trips to the customs office negotiating for the release of the parts. If only there were replacement parts on our shelves in Guyana…

If only we started with good airplanes…If only they were properly prepared before they were launched overseas…If only all the planes were alike…Then maybe...

…maybe  there would be less maintenance, a faster return to service after maintenance, more time to visit the medevac’d patients in the hospital, and more time to transport medical teams to the interior villages…

Yes, we think about Guyana. A lot. But we know how it is to be there and we're doing everything we can (and praying a lot for what we can't) to make it easier to operate airplanes once we get back there. That means starting with better airplanes. Which requires hangar space in Collegedale (to fix them before they go South) and money, neither of which we have enough of. So we're putting some planes up for sale that aren't being used in missions which, in turn, will bring money and create hangar space. Simple, right?

Well, not really.

Two airplanes needed some paint touch ups before being sold.

This Cessna 172 was going to go to Venezuela, but DJ spent a lot of time trying to convince others that it should be sold and upgraded to a 182 in an effort to standardize our fleet.
It still needs an annual inspection before it can be sold.

This plane (the 150 that GMI used for training) got a new rudder put on during its annual inspection. It only had white primer on it :/ God sent us a man who does what he loves and he's helped a great deal with his painting speciality. All for a couple of Subway lunches!

Jodi polished the plane... and she would rather never polish an aluminum airplane again!

DJ installed new tires and switched out the radios, installing a simple one in place of the previously over-equipped radio stack. Then he weighed it on nice new shop scales :).
 Here are the special side panels for the Cessna 182. They were made by a missionary that used to work in Niger, Africa. We picked them up in North Carolina at the JAARS base where they were made in a large, aluminum-sided, home-made oven.
  Front seats all ready to go!

Atlee folding jump seats ready to go: Side panels, cushions, seat rails and all: INSTALLED! (just missing the utility flooring that we're still waiting on)

* A SPECIAL THANKS to a friend and faithful blog-reader who noticed that our camera was broken and facilitated the means to get another one - your kindness is much appreciated :D

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shama said...

Wow you guys have been working hard. Miss you lots and praying for you!