Monday, March 18, 2013

Plane Progress

We're finishing up the last little bits on the airplane.  DJ has finished installing the seat rails for the folding jumpseats.  I know the rails don't look like a lot of work, but they were, taking him 40 to 50 hours.  DJ also finished up the belly of the airplane - cleaning off those nasty insulation pads, cleaning the area, and coating with zinc chromate. This means that the floor can be closed up for now :)

 The folding seats have been with the upholstery expert getting seat cushions made.  We got a call today saying that the cushions for the jumpseats were finished and we could come pick them up.  The side panels that augment the folding seat installation are also completed and waiting to be picked up in North Carolina.  
Apologies for the poor quality on some of the pictures... I had a little accident with our camera and dropped it on the cement floor in the garage while I was packing our barrels.  Sadly it doesn't work any more :(  So some pictures were taken with our not-so-good phone camera.

While the seat rails were getting installed, I worked on painting the interior headliner plastic panels as they were looking old and stained.

We traded out the two front seats for lighter ones several months back and needed to put the old upholstery on the lighter seats.  There are several pictures of the lighter seats getting their unmatching coats traded out for the original blue upholstery from the plane.
The lighter seats had to be stripped of the upholstery and foam, the frames had to be sanded and painted, and finally the cushions had to be trimmed and fitted to the new seats.
As I was reading the instructions on the contact cement glue can before applying it to the seats/cushions, it made mention that if the project required non-flammable glue, that I had to use a different kind.  So there's a big deal with the new upholstery materials having to be "burn tested" and non-flammable.  Knowing this, I was quite certain that I needed to get the non-flammable contact cement.  So I went back to Ace Hardware, and tried to exchange what I had for the non-flammable stuff.  Long story short, nearly two weeks later, after several trips to Ace and numerous phone calls with Ace workers, I had a gallon of NON-FLAMMABLE contact cement!  Ah, patience can be learned here in the States too, not just overseas.

(The seat's not back together because I'm missing a bushing...)

After finishing the seat rails, DJ spent several days sorting out the paperwork for this airplane: Organizing papers into their proper binders, filling out logbook entries, calling places to find missing paperwork, etc. You can see what it does to him :P

 Aside from picking up our airplane parts in NC and getting those seat cushions, there is not a lot left to do on the plane.  Our list includes: Order rubber flooring, order parts for the big main wheels and install them, get a new starter and install it, install tail skid, install side panels, weigh airplane, finish paperwork.

So that = not much left :D

We actually spent a day and cleaned out the hangar. DJ spent another day and got the 172 slated for Venezuela through its initial engine break in.

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