Monday, December 3, 2012


Spanish Books!

I'm thrilled to share that God has begun to provide children's books in Spanish!  A friend who was reading our blog noticed that in the "join us in ministry" section, I had requested books in Spanish.  While colporteuring, our friend specifically stated that the donations made would go to buy books.  And towards books is that money going!

All of these books came from the local used book store for between $0.10 and $2.00.  I was really excited too when another friend who works at the local health center gave me some books in Spanish on health!

Anyone is welcome to join me in my search for good children's/young adult books in Spanish.   The "plan" is to take them to Bolivia when we go back there, augmenting the scant/non-existent supply that they have in the mission school in the highlands.

Paperwork Approved!

I just want to share the good news of God's blessings, particularly in this one special way...

About a year ago we started working on getting some paperwork approved for two GMI airplanes, one of which is the one that we are preparing to take down to Guyana.  We had a friend who has previously processed similar paperwork for several GMI planes kindly working on it for us.  In a nutshell, the "paperwork" is a request to the Federal Aviation Administration for permission to put bigger tires on the airplanes to better equip them for safety and usefulness in mission work...and literally, all the nuts and bolts that go with it.  In October of this year, we got more serious about seeing to the paperwork as plans began to form to take the airplane to Guyana and approval had not yet been granted.  After several weeks of trying to find out what stage the paperwork was at, we learned that though our friend had submitted the paperwork to the FAA several times, they had "never" received it.  By the first week of November the FAA finally had the paperwork in their hands.  They said that they wouldn't be able to even look at it until November 26 or 27.  At that point the requested approval could take weeks or months; the prospective delay was discouraging to us.  In an effort to keep our heads up, DJ looked into his other options and decided to additionally submit the paperwork to our local FAA office in Nashville to see if perchance they could look at it sooner.  A divinely inspired conversation one Sunday at the gliderport where DJ was towing gave him the name of the "right" FAA representative to send the paperwork to in Nashville (you see, some of them are notorious for letting nothing get approved, even if it's already been approved for an identical situation in the past; this was a huge blessing!).

A week of reorganizing the paperwork and getting in contact with the representative resulted in a binder-full of important papers mailed off to the FAA on the Thursday before Thanksgiving, arriving at the office on Friday.  (Now, I want to note that most FAA reps. don't work on Fridays so the paperwork probably wasn't reviewed until Monday at the earliest).  On the following Tuesday morning, DJ received a call from the FAA office in Nashville.  The paperwork had been approved and would be in the mail the next day!    That means that in ONE DAY the paperwork, which should have and could have taken WEEKS to go through, WAS APPROVED!!  We now have the binder with the pages stamped and are ready to order the parts and begin the installation process!  We are SO thankful for what God has done.  Thank you for praying for this - it is just one more reminder that God is working His will out to take this airplane to Guyana to be used in His service there.