Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bat Eviction & Bethany Extras

A Stocking Full of Missionaries

Don (SM in Siparuta), DJ, Mario (short-term, Mexico), Jodi, Lena (SM in Siparuta), Joel (short-term, Puerto Rico)
Joy, Julianna, James, & Jenna Ash

Jenna & Julianna

Mischievous Kitten
Missionaries that work at Davis Memorial Hospital - Sabbath Christmas Potluck
Yummy food :P

Christmas at the Davis Memorial Hospital

The sisters proudly smile with their craft at the Hospital's Christmas party for Aids Children.

Robbing parts from the "donor" ambulance.

Fixing the broken flex plate and the cracked drive shaft on the SDA Hospital Ambulance.

Container Cleanup

The GAMAS shipping container used for storage at the local airport needed some patchwork for its leaky roof and a bit of TLC.
  Here is the "before" picture.

  The container was emptied of its contents which were taken to the container by the hospital where we were staying - a two day process.
Lena, a student missionary in Georgetown for the break carries water in buckets to our worksite.

Joel, a short term volunteer from Puerto Rico, DJ, and Don, a student missionary from the States spending Christmas break in Georgetown begin working on the roof.

DJ and Mario, a short term volunteer from Mexico install the "whirly-bird" for air ventilation in hopes that the container will dry up and the frogs will not find such a suitable environment to live in.

Jodi scrubs the mildew and grease off the walls in an empty container.

The close to finished product!