Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bethany Airbase Projects Update (Feb - June)


Various Bethany Airbase Projects (February - June 2012)

~ Runway Clearing: Cutting the jungle back with cutlasses, plowing the hard clay, rototilling the clay and sand after an "answer to prayer" night of rain that softened the clay.

~ Plumbing the house: Replaced boards on the water tower with longer ones, moved the bottom tank up to join the middle tank, plumbed the bathroom and the kitchen, got frustrated when things leaked late at night : P
~ Shed renovation: Replaced rotting floor boards in shed, added shelves, sprayed oil mix to decrease termite activity, and reorganized all the tools and supplies
~ Cooking...
~ Radio/Antenna Project: DJ's "fishing pole" antenna...which did eventually end up straight and a working radio!
~ Yard work
~ Inside work: Filling the gaps in the wood walls with joint compound, cleaning the walls, beginning the painting process

We had several people join our work on the airbase projects and we are grateful for their help: Chris & Margaret Jordan, Kevin and Kelly Benefield, Brother Harold, and the Bethany SDA Church (runway clearing).

We're also very thankful to those of you who have given financial support to fund and move forward the gospel work through GMI's Guyana Aviation projects. May the Lord bless the work that He has given us all to do.

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