Friday, March 23, 2012

January/February Adventures

The last two months have passed quite quickly.  We've been on the road a LOT, moving back and forth between Georgetown and Bethany.  With "plenty work" (as they say here) to do in both places, it is a circus juggling act on an elephant ball.  Here are some pictures of the various work projects that we've been up to.

In January, while Mario was still here, he and DJ worked on building and hanging doors for the house by the runway.  Since then we've been busy with other airplane/runway stuff and need to get back to working on the house!
We spent the whole month of February going back and forth between G-town and Bethany, in Town during the week working on the 150/150 and in Bethany over the weekends.  We're fairly close to getting it running and then sold, but we're just waiting on a few parts.  Please pray that the plane will sell soon so that we can move forward in getting a better suited aircraft for the aviation mission work needed in Guyana.
DJ did a medivac for the Captain of Bethany village who was having liver and heart complications along with fever, etc.
Landon, a short-term missionary, is here in Guyana doing video work for each of the projects.  He's trying to capture the mission focus at each of the schools/mission posts around the country.  The goal is a 10 minute video clip from each GAMAS project.
DJ, Clif Brooks, and I worked on the 100 hour for 0-4-Tango.  We were thankful to be able to work out at Bethany as it is much quieter and peaceful than the airport in G-town.  And we don't have to cowl up the plane every day with tons of screws!
The plane doc with another lovely sheet metal project...
The airplane nurse : )
Jesse Walker and Herman Gonzalez passed through Georgetown on their way to Bolivia.  We enjoyed the weekend with them, which included an all in one day trip to Bethany by land/sea and then back to Georgetown.
Learning to drive and fix the outboard.
Most recently we've been working on the runway in Bethany.  We've had to clear the "bush" back on either side of the runway that has grown up in the last few years.  The actual runway itself needed a bit of work too - We'll post pictures next time as our camera is in Bethany and we're in G-town.

Thank you all for your prayers as God is moving the work forward in Guyana.  We are blessed with health and energy.  May God bless and keep you.

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KW said...

Praying that the 150 sells per your request. May God bless you as you do his work. Wish I could do more to help.