Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Container Cleanup

The GAMAS shipping container used for storage at the local airport needed some patchwork for its leaky roof and a bit of TLC.
  Here is the "before" picture.

  The container was emptied of its contents which were taken to the container by the hospital where we were staying - a two day process.
Lena, a student missionary in Georgetown for the break carries water in buckets to our worksite.

Joel, a short term volunteer from Puerto Rico, DJ, and Don, a student missionary from the States spending Christmas break in Georgetown begin working on the roof.

DJ and Mario, a short term volunteer from Mexico install the "whirly-bird" for air ventilation in hopes that the container will dry up and the frogs will not find such a suitable environment to live in.

Jodi scrubs the mildew and grease off the walls in an empty container.

The close to finished product!

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