Friday, August 26, 2011

Trip from Bolivia to Guyana

One week after our arrival in Bolivia, we began to feel strongly that God was calling us to take a few months and go help the projects out in Guyana. We plan to return to Bolivia whenever God is finished with us in Guyana, but we are not sure when that will be. The last few days in Bolivia were filled with a scurry of paperwork, waiting at the Immigration office to get our passports, processing our Brazilian visas, and preparing for the trip. God paved the way for us and we were ready to go within 3 days.

Our trip from Bolivia to Guyana went something like this...

Bus from Santa Cruz, Bolivia to Trinidad, Bolivia (overnight Wednesday). Taxi to airport in Trinidad, commercial flight to Guayaramerin, Bolivia (Thursday morning). Arrived in the North part of the country and met up with Tara Swanepoole who runs the school in Guayara. She helped us stamp out of Bolivia/into Brazil and cross the border. We then took a 4 hour taxi ride to Porto Velho, Brazil, arriving at about 10 pm. We bummed around the airport there for a while, DJ ordering a Sub sandwich in Portuguese, and napping in a corner. We checked in Friday morning at 3 am and were boarding by about 4:30 am. We flew to Manaus where Cleber, a missionary who has been working with the Luzeiro Amazon medical launch picked us up. We then spent a lovely Friday and Sabbath at the Lightbearers Mission Station on the Amazon. It was really wonderful! Saturday night we headed back into town where we caught a bus headed to Boa Vista. The bus stopped at about 11 pm and sat on the road for 3 hours, waiting for another bus to come. I guess the air conditioning didn't work...don't really understand Portuguese! We unloaded and switched buses and continued on. At about 7 am Sunday morning we made another stop and for some reason switched buses again. We finally arrived in Boa Vista at about 2 pm and were delighted to see familiar faces in the bus terminal - David and Becky Gates. They had just arrived from Venezuela. We traveled together in a taxi to Bom Fin (the border with Guyana), stamped out of Brazil/into Guyana and caught a taxi into Lethem, a small border town, where with met Gary Roberts with the Twin Comanche. God helped everything work out so that we could leave that night. We took off 3 minutes before sunset (a Guyanese regulation prohibits the use of unlit runways after sunset, but allows twin engine aircraft to fly at night). Phew! We made it to Georgetown and to bed by 11 pm Sunday night.

We're very thankful that God gave us safe travels and really enjoyed the trip!