Monday, July 25, 2011

Here´s a picture of the Aerostar that DJ worked on during the time that we were in Tennessee. He got checked out to fly it last week. He hasn´t piloted a plane in Bolivia for over two years so it was good to get back in the cockpit speaking Spanish.

When we arrived in Santa Cruz, we found machines in need of some TLC. The Backhoe had two flat tires and a dead battery. We took care of those and installed a new mechanical fuel pump. The Bobcat got and oil change and the dumptruck got a wash, new axle seals and a clean diesel filter.

More travels around the States

We have been doing more traveling in the last 3 months than I can imagine. We´re not sure how it all happened, but with family graduations to be at and mission projects to do, we´ve set foot in about 35 to 40 of the 50 United States.

Our latest adventures have taken us to Northern New England where we visited our home church in St. Johnsbury, VT and visited DJ´s side of the family.

We went on a kayak camping trip in Maine with the Knott family and enjoyed a few days of serenity away from the business of life. We had fun hiking Mt. Avery, paddling down the lake, and spending time with family.

We also flew up to Michigan Campmeeting with Jeff, Fawna and their kids in the 182 that you see in the picture above. We did mission demos for the kids in Primary and Juniors. They especially liked the bag drop demonstration that DJ and Jeff did. During the middle of campmeeting week, Jeff, DJ, and I flew down to Andrews for DJ and Jeff to get some additional bush flying training and renew their certifications with Mr. Lloyd. God held off the rain every time they went out to fly. We returned to campmeeting for the last weekend and then flew back to Tennessee.

We are now back in Bolivia for a few days or weeks preparing to head North to Guyana for a few months to help with a project up there before returning to Bolivia. Keep posted.