Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Finished House!

Our house project that we have been helping work on for the last three months has come to a close. The last drywall has been hung, the last tile laid, the yard cleaned up, and the family moved in. Here are some pictures of the lovely Sutton house in La Guardia, Santa Cruz. This marks a milestone for the aviation department as the first house on our section of land.

The upstairs: used as storage, extra space for company who needs a place
to stay for the night, and as an office.

Here is a small picture of the handrail that DJ and I worked on. The wood had to be sanded, routed, and measured, cut, drilled together, and finally varnished. This was quite the project and took many hours/days for the unskilled carpenters to complete.

Here is a picture of the living room from upstairs.

This is the bathroom, "Bolivian style." Most of this tile was laid and all of the bathroom appliances were installed by the aviation crew.

La cocina

And finally the outside of the house, a beautiful "sunflower."

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