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Both the RedAdvenir Team and the Aviation Team have been squeezing into housing. Up until now, the large RedAdvenir building has housed many of the team members. One month ago the station was officially moved out of their town location and into the new building. As construction continues and they move towards broadcasting again, the RedAdvenir building needs to be less of a hotel and more of what it's meant to be. Since housing is at the forefront of our thoughts, let me share with you some pictures of our housing situation and our plans for growth. These photos are of the current housing on the new property where the RedAdvenir building is.
"Hotel" RedAdvenir (from the back)
Richard & Katie Carrera's house. Richard is the director of RedAdvenir, originally from Trinidad. He is married to Katia, daughter of Becky and David Gates. They have two children, 6 and 5.
The "guard house." This has been used by many families and now is the center cooking location for all the single volunteers and houses some of the girls that work for RedAdvenir.
And then there's Jeff & Fawna's new house that we've been building (see previous blog, the Sunflower house). They just moved in from across town where they had been renting a house.
Now the rest of the aviation crew...
The first few months that we were in Bolivia, DJ and Jodi stayed with Jeff & Fawna across town. The last few weeks we moved out to the property to reduce transportation time and costs, as well as to help get the last of the Sutton's house on the property ready for them to move in.
This is Jodi's little kitchenette on the porch of a little building with 3 tiny rooms. These rooms were used for storage and to keep some of the aviation guys' stuff in. This fresh-air kitchenette is very nice but quite breezy. We ended up moving the stove inside one of the little rooms because of the wind.
(i.e. it took 2 hours to pressure cook a pot of lentils!)
And then there's the lovely container which has been made into a little trailer home. There is a bed in the way back, a bathroom in the middle with a shower and toilet and a curtain door, and a little kitchen in the front. However, it gets really hot inside during the day, and there is currently no stove or fridge in there. This container has housed volunteer missionaries for about 2 years now. DJ and Jodi stayed in here for about 2 weeks and then moved out for another missionary couple, Scott and Min Sterling, to use it for the next few months. (We were headed to the States for a month or two so our next option...see below...only lasted a week :).
And so we spent our last week sleeping in our cute little tent in one of what we refer to as the "chicken coupes"...apparently the previous owner had intended these two buildings for use as chicken coupes but had never actually had chickens there.
Here's Daniel Adam's little tent house.
In the picture below you can see where Steve Wilson and Herman Gonzalez have set up camp in the other chicken coupe. Fun stories are shared at breakfast when the previous night was windy. Some conversations go like this...
Steve: So I kept waking up because the wind was blowing the mosquito net into my face.
I think I'll turn my bed around 180 degrees.
Herman: Last night I woke up freezing cold! There was this big gust of wind that had apparently blown my mosquito net out from around my mattress. It was flapping in the breeze above my head parallel to me when I was lying down. Then to my dismay, I had no sleeping bag on top of me. I looked over across the chicken coupe and there it was against the other wall.
Steve: Yeah, I give up with this mosquito net thing. I think I'll just handle the mosquitoes biting for the first hour I'm in bed. The tend to lessen as the night goes on anyways...

Then there's the lovely bathroom. Trust me, it's come a long way. When we first arrived, there was no plumbing to this bathroom. Since then, Richard Carrera has had voluteers help run water lines in, hook up a shower, paint the walls, and kill the wasps nests inside. This lovely bathroom serves 5 of us on a good day.

The plan from here:
Richard is working on building dorms and possibly another house or two which should be finished within a year or so. Maybe two years.
The aviation dept.'s next house will be for Steve Wilson and his bride to be, Helen Ross. Much of the aviation property suitable for building houses on is like the picture above. Steve has gone to great lengths with the Skidsteer Bobcat and cleared some land to look for a nice place to start building. We hope to build at least 2 more houses in the near future.And how many volunteers are living at the property?
RedAdvenir: 2 Families (8), 6 volunteers
Aviation: 1 Family (5), 2 couples, 3 more guys
Plus all the visitors, family members, and volunteers from other projects that need a place to stay on a more temporary basis. This number can be upwards of 10-12 people at a time.
TOTAL: 26 permanent, + visitors

We are thankful for what God has already provided and are excited to see how He changes this little piece of property into a center where His work is spread all over Bolivia and into other parts of South America.

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