Thursday, April 14, 2011

Funnies of the Sutton Kids

Nana Eller and anyone else who would like a smile and maybe a laugh, have a look at these pictures of the kids. Andean likes being outside, getting into things, eating dirt, and doing boy things.

While the girls, especially Sierra are terrified of the chickens and run screaming through the yard to scare the neighbors' chickens away, Andean loves to chase after them in his own way. He is quiet and super inquisitive.

Andean's almost walking! This was a picture from a couple of weeks ago. Can't quite tell if Andy is happy or about to fuss! Probably a little bit of both.

Sierra helping make peanut butter :P.

The girls were playing "Baby Moses" in the bathtub with blankets and wanted Andean to join them. The adventure continued with sailing around the world on a high adventure :)

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Shells said...

The picture of them with the peanut butter is very deja vu! I enjoyed both post and am amazed how good you are at writing and posting your adventures. Miss you both!