Sunday, March 27, 2011


We've had a lot of fun getting dirty and learning new things the last week. Putting stucco on the ceiling has been "the latest and the greatest." Actually, DJ says his muscles haven't hurt so bad in a long time. Enjoy the pictures!

Steve and Helen begin the mixing process.

DJ grunts as he smears another swipe on the ceiling. Jeff levels off what's been smeared on. Happy with their progress... Until the next day when they came back to find that the stucco hadn't dried because the mix was too wet. All that is on the ceiling in this picture had to be scraped off and the process started all over.
We'll just say that mixer Steve got real good at mixing up the "perfect" mix. First he'd ask "Ready? Do you want a small, medium or large batch? ____ Thicker or thinner?" And so he'd go and make his next batter up. We should've given him a chef's hat. About two minutes later we'd begin to hear the following, signifying the stage at which the mix was at:

Melted Baby Ice-cream.

Creamy Soup.


Cream Cheese.

Quick! One more scoopful before it becomes chalk!

...and did I mention that it smells like rotting eggs?

Dirty DJ!
After DJ & Jeff put on layer after layer of stucco, straining to make it smooth and even, Jodi and Helen put the finishing touches on the ceiling to give it a "high class" look.

The stucco process resulted in a "gran desastre" on the walls and floor...

...but also a beautiful ceiling!

... and some dirty workers :D

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Alex said...

It is always great to see the pictures of what you are doing - I especially liked all the "biology" pictures you put up (different post). You guys are in my prayers.