Monday, February 7, 2011

10 Highlights from the First 10 Days.

1. Visa Progress: 1 year residency is being
processed. Police report IP, blood test done, papers purchased, notarized, etcerized. Never knew that there were so many steps!

2. Sick Report: Haven´t caught a single bug!

3. Food: Had the chance to make bread and soymilk from scratch. Been treated
with food by at least 5 missionary families. Can´t leave out that one of those meals was delicious pizza made by Steve & Helen and baked in a round clay oven :).

4. Church: Visited 2 churches, the most opposite churches in this area. 1 is very poor and exists mostly because of faithful missionaries that come. Jodi agreed to play the flute for a trumpet/flute special music at a 2nd church, which we found out is the richest church in town.

5. Most obnoxious time: Taking a shower with a bazillion mosquitos ... at least 20 in every direction.

6. Transportation: Although we´ve been blessed with many rides from the other missionary families into the TV station in the city and out to the property with the new TV station, we´ve taken a fair number of trips on public transportation. These trips include micros (meecrows, small bus), trufis (true-fees, small car or van),
specified taxis (that go around certain rings of the city and out the radials), and a ride in the back of a pick-up truck. The key has been to figure out which bus goes where as they´re numbered and a map of the lines they run is nowhere to be found for sale (trust me, we spent many hours one morning hunting one down). It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to get from Jeff & Fawna´s, where we´re staying, to the TV station property by public transportation.

The New Red ADvenir Station

Jeff & Fawna´s House

7. Painting: We spent a few days out at the property helping Richard and Katie Carrera finish up their house that they are fixing up.

DJ sitting in front of the ¨maidsquarters¨at Jeff & Fawna´s where we´re staying.

8. Moving Days: Everyone´s moving! Katie & Richard moved to their ¨new¨ (to them) house on the property. Jeff & Fawna and the Gates arrived a day earlier than we had planned, so there was a late night when DJ & Jodi moved from upstairs to the maidsquarters to leave space for
the rest of them. Then Sone´and Derek moved the next day to the property and are living in the container. Now that Katie & Richard are finished moving, Sone´and Derek will move to Katie & Richard´s old house on the property. . . .

And still to come: Jeff & Fawna need to move out of their house in the next 3 weeks and we might move from this, our room, to the container at the property? We´ll see!

9. Power-washed and changed the oil and filters on the bobcat. Yes, both of us.

10. Woke up this week to lots of red dots on the knees and elbows ... realizing that one can´t sleep too close to the mosquito net as those blood-sucking creatures bite right through it - kind of hard not to though when you have to sleep two on a twin size bed!

Cows on the runway at the property.

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Anneke said...

So happy for you and DJ. We will keep you in our prayers!

-Anneke Ingram Valles