Monday, January 17, 2011


The last few days have been a scurry of goodbyes, packing, cleaning, and finishing up projects. With our trip to Bolivia less than two weeks away, the list seems to go like this: add two, scratch one, add two, and scratch another one. Nevertheless, God will find a way to make it all work out in His timing.

God's perfect timing is a good match for a lesson in patience. Our visas are a great example! In order to obtain a specific purpose visa, one must have a plane ticket and allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing. In early January we had been waiting for some donated money that was being sent to us for purchasing tickets. At the "3-weeks-until-leaving" date, the money still hadn't arrived. We tried to figure out what was happening and learned that the money was finally on its way (as of that day). We did a money shuffle (parents are wonderful :) and bought tickets. The next day we got the final pieces of our visa paperwork together and mailed the passports and papers off. We were happily surprised when they arrived back in a week! . . . upon opening the passports a small problem was found. DJ's passport had "Jodi Knott" written on the visa along with his picture and Jodi's passport had "David Knott" written beside her picture. Hmm, and it was stamped right in the passport! We couldn't help but chuckle. So they were sent back to the consulate and are being reprocessed. Lovely lessons in patience. . .
God has given us peace and lots of good friends and supportive family members to help us remember that when God wills for something to happen, we must leave it in His hands and trust Him with the results.

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Joshua Wold said...

Was wonderful seeing you both again! Look forward to seeing how God leads.