Friday, January 28, 2011

Bienvenidos a Bolivia

We got here Thursday morning at about 9:00 am after an overnight flight. We had no problems with customs. They only opened two suitcases and didn´t find anything amiss. Steve and Helen, other missionaries, picked us up at the airport and carted us around for the day. We made it to the market, exchanged money, went to the TV station and met people there, started work on our 1 year residencies, took official government photographs, ate some little mangoes, came to the house where we will be staying for a little while, and eventually crashed under a mosquito net, exhausted. We´re staying with a family from South Africa at a lovely little place outside of town.

A city in the highlands near La Paz.

El Alto, the city on the edge of the plateau near La Paz.

The Yunga Mountains, on the way down from La Paz.

Our first look at the Lowlands, also known as the "Beni."


Success is on Your Horizon said...

What are4 the names of the South Africans? Kevin F

Shells said...

Dj & Jodi I'm so glad you made it safe. I've added your blog on my check back often list. It was so great seeing you both back in Dec before you. I wish you God's unfailing grace, and protection in all you accomplish down there. And yes i know if I'm ever in Bolivia.... :)

couchrou said...

Glad your safe, praying for you and I hope God blesses your ministry. I'm jelous :)

Alex said...

Glad to hear that you made it there safely! I will continue to keep you in my prayers and look forward to hearing how things are going... and do eat a few mangoes for me too :)