Monday, December 14, 2009

A beautiful day full of sunshine and clouds dawned on the tenth of August. We want to thank God for making it *perfect* for us.
Courtesy of Matt Barclay

Seeing each other for the first time today.


Noel Wilton delivered a beautiful Homily on the merging Blue Nile and White Nile Rivers in Africa also encouraging us to anchor ourselves on Jesus, our firmest foundation.

"I do"

"I do"

"I now declare you husband and wife"

Building our House of Faith

Signing the Marriage License



A snapshot from our absolutely gorgeous and delicious carrot cake.

The Groom's cake

Our friend and caterer John Byrdak

Andrews Airpark Buddies

DJ & Jodi with Monica & Joshua Wold

The FIVES: Andrea, Diana, Kamrin, Jodi, and Alissa
(missing Rachel who was with her new little family)

Brad & Kara Kirk, the Bride & Groom, Brandon Gable

Greetings to Daniel Beddell
The CAKE...

Why be dainty when you're allowed to be messy?

The Snyders with G'pa & G'ma Streeter

The Knott Family

Siblings are wonderful!

Our Parents: Keith & Beth Snyder - David & Mary Knott

The Knott Clan (DJ's dad's side)

The LaClair Family (DJ's mom's side)

Family on Jodi's Mom's side

Aunt Jeannine, Raven, Zane (Jodi's cousin) and the Snyders


Thanks Jim & Michelle Kendall for the beautiful heart-shaped wreath of flowers!

The sillyness of wedding traditions makes them fun :)

Best friends!

Sweethearts for life

And thus we begin our new life together. We know not the paths which we shall tread, but we know this: God brought us together and has guided us this far, thus we can trust that He will lead us on the paths of His choosing as we make our way to our Heavenly home.


EEK said...

I was wondering when this post would appear... :)

Love you both...

Brandon said...

Fantastic! Love the pictures. Love you guys. Thanks for sharing them. Good memories of a wonderful day.

Abby and Rimas said...


Nice pics. I liked looking at all the flying stuff.
I forgot to give you our email:
Take care,