Wednesday, June 10, 2009

May Medical Adventures

This adventure began like most of the others, in the ARO-AIS office filing a flight plan. Four of us headed north in the Mooney. Lincoln (a student pilot), George, a Bolivian dentist named Daniel, and myself. We stopped in Trinidad to make a quick ferry trip to San Joaquin. There have been evangelistic meetings going on there and we took money for food and two more volunteers to help with the project. While we were there I got of picture of the ¨tower¨ certainly the most humble of any I have yet seen....the controler walks outside and takes a look before he clears you for takeoff.

We switched airplanes in Guayaramerin and flew the C182 out to the village of Blanca Flor on the Beni River. We didn´t have a medical doctor with the team this time so we worked with our friend Dr. Cesar Perez, director of health for the Pando region. We stay with him in the little field hospital. Unfortunately he still had other duties so we spent a bit a time waiting....
On Sabbath we flew to Riberalta to go to church and stayed the night.
more coming later

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EEK said...

Thanks for the cheery message, Ther. I was at C. Winnekeag for a week of certification and had limited cell service and even more drastically limited time... :)

praying for your few remaining days...