Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beyond Frontiers

In only one more week I will have been absent from this blog for two full months. If you were to ask me why I would have to say "No excuse Sir" but perhaps you will be interested in some of my experiences in the interim....

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to offer of my experiences in the last two weeks of March because I never made it back to my home at the Richard Gates Technical School to get my camera.
I decided to jump on a flight up to the States with David Gates in a Piper Malibu that he was borrowing. We left Santa Cruz on Thursday March, 26 and flew to Guayaramerin. We left the next morning early and flew across Brazil to Georgetown, Guyana where we picked up the pilot's wife and continued on to French Martinique in the Carribean. David had speaking appointments there for the weekend during the opening ceremonies of the new GMI French Media Center. Sunday we flew down to Grenada and checked on the progress of the radio station there as well as delivering some technical supplies. Monday we were on our way north to Puerta Rico. On the way there we had problems with the turbocharger wastegate. With prayer we made it to Puerta Rico and arranged for the airplane to be worked on. The mechanics said that the wastegate was sticky and that if wouldn't be a problem if we flew low so the turbo wouldn't have to work hard. We stayed the night in the FBO and left early in the morning for Miami. About 100 miles from the Florida coast the engine started running rough and one cylinder temp dropped off the scale on the engine monitor. We checked all the other gauges and everything seemed normal so we limped into the closest U.S. airport on five cylinders. A friend of David's took the day off, rented a brand new turbo C182 with a G1000 and flew us to TN. After spending the night with Jodi's parents I drove a GMI car up to MI to see Jodi; arriving on April 1, exactly six months to the day since I left. I thought it was an instance of God's sense of humor and also a display of His exactness because I had a very strong impression a year ago that He wanted me to go to Bolivia for six months : )

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